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Know Your Winemaker - Burja winery

Know Your Winemaker - Burja winery

Burja winery

A winemaker that truly lets his grapes and their environment do the talking.

“I control only a few things and I allow all the others. I control the temperature and oxidation in the wine cellar, encouraging the rest. I try to work in synergy with the vine, wine and nature, including stimulating spontaneous fermentation, which ensures the contact between grape skin and must also with the white wines. According to my opinion, the diversity of yeast strains contributes to the complexity of the wine and provides original expression of each vineyard.”

No added chemicals or artificial flavourings here.

We recently stocked up on a beautiful Skin Contact Pinot Gris and its tasting great. Aromatic with rich dark cherry flavours. Treading that fine line between red wine and Rosé.

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