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Orange Wine + Feeling Fine

Orange Wine + Feeling Fine
Let's keep this really simple shall we?...
To be orange means to keep skins on the white wine grapes during maceration. Much the same way a red wine is made.
This amplifies certain flavours and provides texture. 
Leaving the skins on white wine grapes during the maceration process is why they are often referred to as 'Skin-Contact' wines.
The term orange wine has come from the amber colour this process produces. 
What do they taste like?
Individual wines vary wildly. Whilst still being zesty and acidic like white wines they also have some properties we associate with red wines. They're often more tannic and can have some serious body.
All sorts of white wine grapes are used in this process. So, much like when discovering white wines for the first time, you may have to search around to find your favourite. But we're sure you'll have fun trying!

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