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Topcashback x Libation Veganuary Collab

Vegan Wine at Libation London

Last month we did something new for New Year and partnered up with your very own Topcashback to celebrate Veganuary. 

Topcashback Veganuary blog excerpt. 

you may be wondering how we at TopCashback can help you in your 31 days of vegan living as well as a greener lifestyle… Well, our Green Cashback category is filled with environmental and animal friendly brands across a selection of products such as Food & Drink, Fashion, as well as many more.

If you were wondering if you could still drink during Veganuary because giving up so many things at once is difficult then don't worry because yes you can! Every single wine at Libation.London is vegan but they have also gone ahead and thrown together some of their favourites into a vegan box to mark Veganuary. With a healthy discount and free delivery in place too. There's also 15% exclusive cashback so you can make even more great savings on trying something new.

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