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Pet Nat - Explained in Fewer than 150 Characters

Pet Nat - Explained in Fewer than 150 Characters
Pétillant naturel (pét-nat for short) is French for ‘natural
sparkling’ wine.

You might be interested to know this on-trend wine has been around much longer than the flat white sipping hipsters that may be partly responsible for it’s popular revival.

Pét-nat is made using méthode ancestrale (the Ancestral

Similar to Champagne -> the method involves
winemakers bottling up their grape juice before fermentation has been completed.

Disimilar to Champagne -> Producers rely on the sugars contained in the grapes to be turned into alcohol by naturally occurring yeasts - in the bottle. Instead of adding sugars & industrial yeasts.

This means our drink is alive and begging for that sweet release of its bottle cap - That’s right. Cap, not cork! - in order to let loose the carbon dioxide trapped inside. This comes in the form of a delightful fizz. Or even sometimes a light explosion. But hey... This is living!

Low alcohol, refreshing fizz. Ranging from juice bomb to bone dry available online now.

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