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Vegan Wine: Made from Grapes!

Vegan Wine: Made from Grapes!

Vegan Wine: Made from Grapes!

Part timers to hardliners - We have invested far too much time analysing ingredients labels to establish their vegan credentials.

The standards that define organic wines allow producers to put just about anything in wine these days. With such misleading wine labels where do we put our faith!?

Perhaps the answer lies in ancient winemaking practices dating back more than 8000 years.

Natural wine is made from unadulterated fermented grape juice and uses Organic & Biodynamic practices to make wilder, hazy, upfront & expressive drinks.

Vegan by nature - no fish bladders or animal products here! (and yes this really happens). 

Passionate and knowledgeable winemakers are reclaiming their winemaking heritage & re-discovering exciting genres like Pet-Nats, Skin Contact Orange wine, Amber wine & Piquettes. 

Every single wine at Libation.London is vegan but we have gone ahead and thrown together some of our favourites into a vegan box to mark Veganuary. With a healthy 10% off discount and free delivery in place too.

Made from Grapes - Nothing More, Nothing Less

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